Sneak Peek Kit is Available for Purchase!

Sneak Peek in action!

Wesley Virt, Founder and COO

I’ve been waiting for this day—the day the public can purchase a sneak peek of our revolutionary educational STEM platform, Explore!. And this wait hasn’t only spanned a few weeks or months; this release has been a buildup of best practices in teaching research, technical problem solving, and iterative testing over two years.

The Origins of the Sneak Peek

The Explore! platform first debuted in a public pitch competition at Purdue University in December 2016. In preparation for this event, Alex and I spent 3 months and every waking minute of the day building the platform and perfecting the pitch. With the help of our infamous robotic dog named Dash, the “alpha” release taught students about scientific concepts related to energy. Students learned about potential and kinetic energy by physically moving one Explore! card, appearing in AR as a train, into another Explore! card, an AR of a brick wall. Simply put, our Explore! cards are specially coded to generate holograms using an iOS device camera. This allows students to experiment with the train Explore! card at different speeds colliding with the wall to witness the effect of energy.

Since that initial pitch, we’ve continued to make modifications and push releases to a private group of parents, teachers, and students to test versions of the Explore! platform. Along the way the platform evolved. For example, we improved the card design by creating bite size learning concepts through the idea cards. We’ve also added some amazing characters to the Explore! crew such as robots, Atom and Anne, and my favorite, the evil Dr. Stonebraker!

So what else will the Sneak Peek entail?

You’ll get 15 cards that magically transform to holograms or 3D images when placed underneath the iOS device camera, special access to the first challenge, and the first mission from Dr. Pixel. The first mission will prompt students to build a circuit. They will use inquiry-based learning to connect wires from the battery to the light bulb, choose the correct batteries, and experiment with other possible solutions. More Explore! missions coming soon!

Try the Sneak Peek and let us know what you think!

And after you and your child have tried our revolutionary way of learning—we’d love for you to tell us your thoughts. What did you like? What didn’t you like? How can we make this an even better learning experience? If you really enjoyed the sneak peek, I’d encourage you to preorder the full set! Furthermore, you can email with any and all questions and comments. We will call or email you back within 48 hours.

We believe in this product. I’ve personally witnessed students engaging in STEM through our platform. Some of the smartest engineers are baffled by how we are using augmented reality technology, and educational researchers remark on the effectiveness of our pedagogy. While this product has taken an extensive amount of time, energy, dedication and passion, we know that it has the ability to impact thousands of young lives. This was the vision two years ago with our alpha prototype and still remains the vision of our team to this day.