IGNITE eLearning Conference, the Future Looks Bright

The Explore Interactive team at the 2018 IGNITE eLearning conference

IGNITE 2018 eLearning Conference

In early June, the Explore! Operations and Leadership teams spent 2-days attending the IGNITE eLearning conference at Sunnyside Intermediate School. While at IGNITE, the Explore Interactive teams shared our groundbreaking, augmented reality software with a wide range of educational professionals. Sharing our product, vision and detailing how the Explore! educational game empowers experiential learning is always a pleasure.  

At Explore Interactive, we embrace a culture of entrepreneurship, and believe a close relationship with educators will ensure our success in bringing educational games into every classroom.

Looking to the future

During the IGNITE eLearning conference, we were fortunate to engage in conversation with teachers regarding the challenges faced in ensuring students have access to engaging, immersive and effective  STEM education.  The roadblocks affecting STEM education today are front and center for the Explore! team; however, we realize that we don’t have all of the answers. It is crucial that we maintain strong relationships with educators and stay involved as volunteers in the classroom. Learning from those who educate our next generation, and impact students’ lives, will allow us to shape and mold our product into something meaningful for students, and straightforward for teachers and parents. 

After IGNITE, we are crystal clear that educational professionals are looking for STEM materials to be accessible, engaging and simple to integrate into the classroom. We look forward to meeting more students, teachers, and parents as we continue to grow as a company, and build a product that sets the standard for what STEM can be.

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