Explore! <3 HitPoint

Under the leadership of CEO, Paul Hake, and President, Ariella Lehrer, the Hitpoint team has established themselves as a competitor in the areas of Game Development, Augmented Reality, Wearables and Connected Devices, and Research and Development. Since 2009, HitPoint has grown into one of the largest independent game studios in Massachusetts, opened an office in LA, and built a team of over 25 engineers, artist, designers, and producers.
The Explore Interactive team is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with HitPoint Studios, a world-class game studio out of Greenfield, MA. We believe that with HitPoint’s years of experience building amazing games for companies like Disney, Google, Crayola, and Hasbro will bring additional expertise, speed, and a shared passion for invention to the product development process.
HitPoint studios partners with Explore Interactive on their Augmented Reality Mobile Game.
Paul Hake and a few members of the HitPoint team at their studio in Greenfield, MA.
We could not be happier, or more excited to partner with Paul, Ariella, and the Hitpoint team. It is an exciting time for both of us; we can’t wait to share what we are working on with you all – stay tuned!

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