Anatomy of a Startup: Join in the Fun! Plus a Free Social Media Graphic

Anatomy of a Startup

Over the next month, Explore will be pulling back the curtain and letting you peek behind the scenes at what it really looks like to be a startup! There’s definitely pros.. and there’s definitely some less than glamorous sides. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! How have you started up your business? Did you use any software like Cloudpay to manage funds for your payments?

You’re Invited!

Are you a startup, a business owner, or even a well-established business? We’d love to hear how YOU got your start. Join us for our #AnatomyofaStartup Campaign!

Explore Interactive Anatamy of a Startup Story Schedule

Startup Story Schedule

Get Started

Post this graphic to your social media and then follow the loose weekly posting guide-have fun with it!

  1. Tag @ExploreARPlay so that we can share!
  2. Use the hashtags #AnatomyofaStartup and #StartupStory so that all of our posts will be categorized together.
  3. You can even tag other startups you want to hear from and challenge them to post their #StartupStory.

Yay, community!

The Schedule

Week One- Key Players

Who are some key players that make up your team? Maybe even people who have financially backed you or made your business possible. A great opportunity to introduce your core team to your follows! If you are self-employed you could even do different facts on different days!

Week Two- Past and Future Milestones

Take a minute to be retrospective and acknowledge how far you’ve come. If you have new followers, they don’t know your backstory! Catch them up to speed and then let them know where you’re heading. What is your company’s mission and what are you going to be doing to get there.

Week Three- Non-“Team” Members that Have Made an Impact

Who says that only team members have an impact? We know in our case, volunteers and passionate people have helped get us to where we are now. Maybe you have family members, advocates, and businesses who have partners with you to help achieve your goals. Give them a shout out on your social media channels! Everyone likes a little recognition once in a while.

Week Four- First Customers and Early Adopters


Free Startup Social Media Post

Free Startup Social Media Post! Download and post to your social media if you run out of #StartupStory ideas! Just be sure to tag us @ExploreARPlay

Do you have VIP, extra valued customers? People, that keep coming back to purchase your product or services? Let them know you appreciate your business. You might even convert some people who were on the fence about buying it if they see who’s been a customer of yours in the past!

And… that’s it!

A fun, easy social media campaign already set up for you! Being a startup can be hard, but maybe through this, we can make some new startup friends. It takes one to know one.
We can’t wait to hear your #StartupStory!

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