Two students tinker with our educational game.

Educational Games For the Curious Child

Educational Games For the Curious Child

Educational Games For the Curious Child

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With the Explore! application your surroundings fade away as you experience the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math through the window of our ground-breaking augmented reality technology. Shape the future of our revolutionary educational game Explore! Energy Kit, coming soon, and join our advocate community!

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About us

At Explore Interactive we democratize access to and improve educational outcomes in STEM, through immersive, educational games anywhere, anytime and at a great price.

Our first product, coming soon, will bring together the delight of tabletop card games and the immersion of our augmented reality technology to build excitement for and expertise in the world of STEM.

Explore! brings inquiry-based learning to the world of augmented reality through educational games. Our experiences engage Explorers through a visual, auditory and tactile learning environment to progress through standards-based curricula. Whether a tinkerer, competitor, or social player, Explore! has something for everyone!

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Immersive educational games that create a new dimension of play!

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Suitable for 3rd-6th-grade students, we unlock the imagination and create a new dimension of play by bringing together the excitement of a tabletop card game and the immersion of augmented reality.

The Explore! Energy Kit turns screen time into learning time as you embark on an augmented reality adventure.  Use introductory physics to help Atom and Anne on their journey to escape the clutches of Dr. Stonebreaker.

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Get ready to Explore!

To ensure you get the most out of Explore! we recommend a few things to prepare. First, make sure you have your iOS device at the ready and up-to-date. Any mobile phone or tablet will work just fine! Next, find yourself a well-lit play area with a nice, flat surface. Lastly, find a friend and start exploring!

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