Educational Games For the Curious Child

Educational Games For the Curious Child

Educational Games For the Curious Child

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Collaborate with others, remotely or in person, to learn fundamentals of energy and electrical circuits. With MindLabs, students (grades 3rd through 6th) can progress through a series of challenges, or they can build their own unique circuits. With our ground-breaking augmented reality technology, colorful cards picturing different electrical components come to life in 3D.

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At Explore Interactive, our goal is to democratize access to high quality STEM learning experiences, through immersive, educational games that are affordably priced.

Our newest product, MindLabs, combines the fun of tabletop card games with the excitement of augmented reality, to provide an award-winning learning platform for a variety of STEM topics. MindLabs engages students through visual, auditory, and tactile learning experiences, and leads them through a standards-based curriculum. Ideal for remote collaboration, students can also create their own circuits together with their peers and teachers, whether or not they are together in the same classroom.

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Suitable for any student 9+ years old, MindLabs unlocks the imagination by combining the fun of a tabletop card game with the excitement of 3D visualizations, made possible through augmented reality. Students can build their own circuits, and virtually collaborate with others, regardless of where they are located. Imagine creating a circuit from your home while your friend is working on the same circuit from their home! Students can also choose to learn about energy concepts through a series of lessons and then test their knowledge of these concepts by solving interactive exercises.

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To ensure you get the most out of our product, we recommend you: 1. Make sure you have an iOS device ready to use and up-to-date. Either an iPhone or iPad will work just fine!
2. Go to the Apple app store and download MindLabs here.
3. Find a well-lit play area with a flat, non reflective surface.
4. Find a friend to play with (virtual or in person) and start exploring!

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